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Monday Night M...... (to be determined)

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1 Monday Night M...... (to be determined) on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:41 pm


Mix-up, Madness, Mayhem... Can't decide, let me know what ye think.

When: Every Monday starting about 6-7 PM (pirate time).
What: Pirate Fire Drills (see below fer rules and explanation)
Where: Somewhere on Cerulean Wink

After each battle, everyone stations on a different duty than they were on before. Ye may not repeat duties until ye have cycled thru all available duties (Alternative duties count separately). Everyone will cycle thru Gunning (starting alphabetically), and anyone that is a subscriber may have a chance to DNav/BNav if they wish (members of the crew are the exception to this, if yer Officer or above ye will be working this duty station).

Size of the ship used will be determined by how well the response is. We'll start with a sloop and see how it goes from there. And the pillage will last as long as we have a full ship and/or supplies.

Any questions or comments, let me know in game or send me a message and I will clarify the best I can (this idea is still in it's infancy and things may or may not need to be reworked).


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